28 May 2018 | Tenant Tips

Property apps and tools for Darwin renters

Use tech to find Darwin rental listings faster

Renting is harder now than it has ever been before in Australia. There's a lot of choice, a lot to consider, and fluctuations in the market mean supply and demand of rental properties can make competition high. Generally, renters have to work harder to find a place to call home. Luckily, modern technology makes most stages of the process much easier.

Use tech to find Darwin rental listings faster

The first step towards finding a property to rent is to look at what is currently available in your local real estate market or in the area you where would like to move. Websites like realestate.com.au have property listings in a variety of price ranges. Take the time to think about your budget and what you can truly afford. Then, you can start looking for something suitable in your price range.

Narrow Down Your Options with Virtual Tours

This is where home hunting can be fun. With today's 3-D and 360-degree cameras, listings can now feature virtual tours that give you a true sense of what the property is like without having to visit in person. This can be a huge help when you are looking to move from another city to Darwin, or have difficulty scheduling property tours around your personal and work obligations. Of course, nothing can replace a physical tour of the property, but virtual tours can help you narrow down your options and minimise travel and its associated expenses.

Communicate Easily with Landlords and Property Managers

Today's technology has brought video calling to the masses. Skype, FaceTime and other video calling apps make it easy to get in touch with people just about anywhere. This way, you can complete interviews and applications with property managers from the comfort of your current home or office. It also makes it much easier to ask questions and get swift replies from modern landlords and property managers who have adopted the latest tools and prioritise customer service.

Fill Out the Necessary Documents in a Flash

Many property managers accept applications completed using online tools, many of which are integrated with popular rental directory websites. These universal forms make it easy to have everything you need to apply for many different properties with minimal extra effort.

Manage Your Rental with Mobile Apps

Once you have secured a property to rent, you may be able to manage important details relating to your tenancy through a mobile app. More property managers than ever before are embracing smartphone apps, enabling residents to pay rent, request maintenance, lodge complaints and more using their mobiles. Some apps even make it easier to connect with your neighbours and find out about community events you might enjoy.

Add Some Smart Features

Depending on the terms of your lease, you may be allowed to make some modifications or additions to your Darwin rental home or unit. Smart home technology lets you control a number of things in your home using your voice, like lights, audio systems and temperature, to name a few. The more devices you can interconnect, the easier it will be to create the perfect home environment.

Looking Forward

These are exciting times we live in when technology can make our lives so much easier. The current technology will continue to improve going forward, and new technologies will be introduced to the market as well. Start embracing the latest technology trends today to set yourself up for success in the rental and real estate markets in the future.