A Darwin property management company.

We create win-win relationships between Darwin landlords and tenants.

Want the best results from your investment property but don’t want to have to manage your property manager? You’ve come to the right people. Through modern technology, over 15 years of local management experience, and a commitment to outstanding service we’ve redefined property management.

Our service
A Darwin property management company.

Property management has a problem.

Operating in the Northern Territory real estate industry for over 15 years, director Lee-Ann Schey saw the same problem time and time again. Landlords want a stand-out experience. They want open communication, to understand what is happening with their property and how the best return is being achieved. The reality, however, was that they weren’t receiving the service level they expected and felt like they were having to continually “chase” their own property manager. Likewise, tenants often felt under appreciated, and landlord-tenant relationships felt adversarial–rather than cooperative.

We think you’ll agree that communication, transparency and trust are core to helping you understand what’s happening with your property.

So, what's the solution?

If we can be so bold as to use the old infomercial adage “there must be a better way”, Advanced Residential started in 2016 with a single goal. To redefine property management. Combating the “churn and burn” approach of other agencies, we offer a boutique property management service that pairs great tenants with fantastic landlords to create long term win-win relationships.

We do things differently

Trust, communication and service are at the heart of how we do things, and we adopt the latest technology, processes and systems to continuously improve our proven methods for securing the best results for Northern Territory landlords.

See how we find the right tenant, expertly manage your property, and exceed your expectations.

Our service

Cleint Testimonial

Lee-Ann is committed to providing an amazing experience to her landlords and tenants. Near enough is never good enough! She goes that extra 1% to ensure that your property management experience is redefined.

Vasili Hadzellis

A Darwin property management company.


Director. Unicorn tamer. Magic Creator.

I go by many different descriptions.

My passion for real estate is more than an everyday job but a lifestyle which has led me to opening my own agency nearly 5 years ago. I am committed to providing intuitive services to our Landlords and Tenants that they can trust and will be provided the absolute best experience when owning a rental property or renting a property here in Darwin.

Choosing the right Team for my business is something that I pride myself on as our clients can feel completely supported and empowered to make quality decisions for their rental properties and for our team to share opportunities with them to build their wealth through property investment.

Darwin is my home, where I was born and raised. I met my husband almost 20 years ago and we are property owners with local investments and are about to embark on the journey of building our forever home.

A Darwin property management company.


Property Manager

As a property manager I consistently solve a variety of challenges ranging from repairs and maintenance to future investment planning for my clients so they can achieve top notch results.

I was lucky enough to join the AR team and found that I love being a part of the dynamic Darwin rental market, where I am committed to providing maximum satisfaction to property owners and clients through professional service all while creating harmonious working relationships.

I am motivated everyday by how each day is different and provides new and exciting opportunities that have helped me build my skills and confidence. I also get to be a part of a great team that pushes me to live my best life.

A Darwin property management company.


Business Manager

I am known to be the resident magician of our team as I am frequently pulling solutions out of thin air and thinking outside of the box. I work as the Business Manager along with our Director to manage the day to day operations as well as to oversee our property management department.

For the last four years I have worked tirelessly to build trust and work alongside my owners and tenants. I love hearing all my owners and tenants’ successes, whether it’s purchasing their first home or investment, a new property to their portfolio or adding an addition to their family.

Helping our clients reaching their goals is a highlight of what I do. Educating my clients is very important to me as I believe this is key aspect of that makes a relationship between agent, owner, and tenant very successful.

A Darwin property management company.


Real Estate Agent

Since joining the AR Team 12 months ago it has been a whirlwind of excitement! I love the fast pace of the current rental market and helping people find their perfect home. I have been described as being a pocket rocket, I may be small, but I have a huge personality and love to interact with people.

Working with our team has been an amazing opportunity to grow my skills while having a blast along the way. I am proud to be a part of an industry that provides me with the opportunity to guide people and help them manage their properties professionally.

As a real estate agent, my goals are to provide my clients with quality solutions to what they seek in the housing market and a clearer understanding of real estate trends.

A Darwin property management company.


Property Manager

There is never a dull moment with our energetic and larger than life Property Manager Jade.

Jade joined our team back in 2019 and since then she has shaken up our world, delivering first class services to our owner and tenants.

With a genuine passion for working with people and helping them make favourable decisions, Jade is continually undergoing regular training to keep abreast of changes in our industry and to learn new skills to better perform in her role.

With a take-charge, can-do attitude Jade takes our clients' goals personally. She is also reliable, responsive, and thrives on helping our clients succeed.

Our modern approach to property management.

We think you’ll agree that communication, transparency and trust are core to helping you understand what’s happening with your property. That’s why you’ll love our modern approach to property management.


We value our landlords and tenants as trusted partners. Because we build long term relationships with our clients, you can trust in our ability to place the right tenant in your property and deliver outstanding results. That's our promise.


What’s great service worth if you don’t know about it? Not much, right? Our proactive approach to communication means you’ll always know what’s happening with your property, and you won’t need to chase us for inspections, reports and updates.


Life is busy, and you don’t want to have to look over our shoulder all the time to make sure everything's running smoothly. We employ the latest technology to best market your property, keep you updated, and provide fast and efficient service.