Darwin tenants love renting with Advanced Residential.

Easy rentals and quality homes in Darwin and Palmerston without the stress.

You’re a great tenant. Rent is always on time and you look after your home. We think tenants like you should be appreciated. Advanced Residential believes in building win-win relationships that create beneficial outcomes for both tenants and landlords. Great tenants love renting with us, and we think you will too.

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Does this sound familiar?

Moving into a new home should be an exciting time. However, many tenants dread the stress that comes with dealing with a property manager. From booking an inspection, to applying and moving in, to dealing with maintenance issues and inspections. It’s common for tenants to feel like “second class citizens”. Frequently, tenants comment that they’re not appreciated, not told what’s going on, or feeling like agents are out to take advantage of them. Too often, it feels like property management is a one way street in favour of the landlord. We thought it was time an agency did something to change this.

Taking care of good tenants just makes good sense. In fact, we believe that the best way to produce great results for our landlords is to ensure our tenants are looked after.

We've changed the Darwin rental game.

We believe that the role of a property manager is to build win-win, mutually beneficial, relationships between tenants and landlords. We do this by:

  • Keeping communication open and responsive through clear processes.
  • Valuing our good tenants and ensuring their needs are met. Promptly.
  • Using modern technology to make communication easy.
  • Treating tenants with the respect they deserve.
  • Providing education to both tenants and landlords to help them understand their obligations and opportunities.
  • Focusing our service on creating and maintaining a fantastic experience.

We’re looking for quality tenants for our selection of fantastic Darwin rentals. Find your new home today.

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Cleint Testimonial

Moving into my property in Darwin, I was greeted by Lee-Ann from Advanced Residential. After a very short time into my lease it is clear that Lee-Ann wants the best for her tenants, quickly acting on any requests for maintenance. Friendly and approachable, she has made renting hassle and stress free! I would definitely recommend other renters to Advanced Residential.

Leigh McNair

You'll love renting with Advanced Residential.

Taking care of good tenants just makes good sense. In fact, we believe that the best way to produce great results for our landlords is to ensure our tenants are looked after. It’s not rocket science after all; if you love your home and renting is simple and easy, you’re likely to stay longer, pay rent on time, and look after the property. It’s win-win.


You may have noticed this is a big deal for us. We find that most property management problems can be solved by ensuring communication is open and consistent, and we’ve got the processes and technology to do just that.

Easy to view

It’s easy to view all of our currently available rental properties. Simply browse online for the property that suits your needs.

Easy to apply

Tired of long wait times on your application? We accept applications online, making it fast and simple to apply. We’re also super quick to respond.

Fast inspections

We strive to make inspections as convenient as possible. Using the latest technology, our average inspection time is less that 15 minutes, and we can complete the inspection with or without you being present.

Quality landlords

We work for landlords who understand our unique approach to property management. They get it. They understand that good tenants mean great results, and are committed to cooperative relationships.


Clear processes, ease of communication and modern technology solutions mean you'll always know what's going on. We don't leave our tenants in the dark.