17 Jan 2018 | Landlord Tips

Simple Steps for Becoming a Tech Savvy Landlord

Maintenance Management Systems  

Gone are the days when landlords were merely rent collectors. These days, property owners and managers often need to wear many hats, working in the areas of marketing, customer service, web development and more. There are numerous apps and tools available to help make your job easier. Here are a few of the most popular tools for tech savvy landlords. 

Maintenance Management Systems  

Maintenance is a critical aspect of managing any rental property. From the overall maintenance of the property to tenant requests for repairs, it may seem as though there is always something that needs work. Maintenance management systems make it easy for everyone to keep track of what is going on:

  • Property Managers: Monitor incoming maintenance requests and schedule repairs. 
  • Owners: Keep track of ongoing monthly and annual tasks. 
  • Tenants: Review the status of any outstanding maintenance requests and submit new ones.

You and your property manager will be able to work together to review and prioritise all requests so you can tackle them in the most efficient manner possible.

Video Calling 

You may not necessarily live in the same town as where you hold rental properties. In this case, video calling can be incredibly useful. You'll be able to stay in touch with your property manager, and your manager will be able to interview rental applicants who do not already live in the area. You'll also be able to conduct walk-through inspections of each unit with your property manager so you can actually see what is going on with your property. 

3-D Photo and Video 

With today's technology, you can give prospective tenants a virtual tour of your property to help them decide about renting from you. With 360-degree cameras, you can create interactive views of your property to help it stand out from all the rest. You can also create beautiful floor plans to help renters plan how they will use the space. With more and more renters searching for properties online, everything that you can do to help your listings stand out will help. 

Online and Mobile Tools

Consider online tools to better communicate and connect with your tenants. There are many ways to use a website, app or online tool to help tenants in:

  • Paying their rent. 
  • Submitting maintenance requests. 
  • Offering suggestions for improving the property. 
  • Connecting with neighbours. 
  • Learning about the local area. 
  • Reading about community events. 
  • Finding local services. 

Hot Tip!

If you're considering a property management company ask them how they communicate with tenants, report on inspections and maintenance, and ensure communication is fast, accurate and effective. Are they making the best use of modern technology to keep tenants happy and make the best return on your property?

Online Background and Credit Checks 

Today's technology makes vetting potential renters easier than ever before. You can access all the information you need with just a few clicks, helping you to decide which applicants are best for your property. 

Real Estate Websites and Apps 

More and more of the real estate industry is shifting into the digital realm, and that includes searching for rental properties. Rather than spending heaps of money on advertising for your listings, you can display them on specialised real estate websites like realestate.com.au. This makes it easier for prospective renters to find your listings with a minimal effort and investment on your part. 

Staying on Top of Recent Developments 

The technology in the real estate industry is developing at an alarming pace. You'll need to do your homework to stay abreast of the latest developments. Just because a particular app or tool has worked for you in the past, that doesn't mean it is currently the best. By all means, use whatever tools that work best for you but don't be shy about trying out new options. You never know which new app or tool could take your rental business to the next level. 

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